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LenderCloud is the web market place connecting borrowers directly to lenders. Now, in one internet based portal, a borrower can create his/her loan package and securely post it for review by the lending community. Get rid of your broker, work on your time, and shop lenders with one application in one place. Every lender has their own "Box." With proprietary integration of technology LenderCloud has written an algorithm to match transaction to lender based on individual lender dynamics. Macro application of LenderCloud will allow for active transparency into the lending marketplace. Our goal is to bring banking to the speed of internet. Eliminating high brokerage fees and allowing lenders access to volumes of deals they are interested in, reducing time wasted.

Apply for Financing

Do it all online, and we'll find you the best rates

  • Your application progress is automatically saved periodically, so you can always resume where you left off
  • Never deal with paperwork
  • Recycle all the work you did filling out forms on future applications
  • Get instantly updated when your application is approved

Become a Lender

If you represent a bank, as a member of LenderCloud you will be able to:

  • Browse prospective client applications
  • Filter applications
  • Accept applications
  • View a history of all transactions

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